Concert Diary

Concert Diary 2003–2016

Sarita’s Mahakaleshwar Temple recital (Shavan Mahotsav) at Ujjain, India  – July 2016 

Mahakaleshwar Temple (Shavan Mahotsav) concert – Song & Dance Ujjain – August, 2013 

Ujjain – April, 2013
Kalidasa Academy concert – Sufi Song & Dance

Rehearsal at home in Ujjain           On stage at Kalidasa Academy            After the performance

Kalidasa Academy – Sarita’s award ceremony and command performance  – April 2013

Maestro Pundit Debu Chaudhuri (sitar) in concert at Kalidasa Academy in UjjainPt Sandeep Das (tabla) and Sarita McHarg (tanpura)
20th November 2010

Below: Sarita performing at Kalidasa Academy in Ujjain, India on 1st November 2010

Below:  Sarita’s special sitar recital for Dabral Baba and his wife, Amma — July, 2009 

Below:  The late Dabral Baba of Ujjain and his wife, Amma, enjoying Sarita’s sitar recital

Below left:  Sarita and other musicians in the Green Room at Kalidas Academy with Smt Girija Devi

Below right:  Sarita in supporting role with Girija Devi on-stage at Kalidas Academy, Ujjain — 11th May, 2009

Below:  Sarita rehearsing for vocal/sitar recital with Pokhara Folk Music Band at Summit Hotel, Pokhara, Nepal — May, 2009

Below:  Vocal and sitar recital with visiting American jazz musicians Eric Slaughter (guitar) and Nick Jost (bass guitar) plus the Director of Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, Mariano Abello (flute,  saxophone) and Navaraj Gurung (tabla) at a special graduation concert in Kathmandu, Nepal — May, 2009

Below:  Sarita’s (vocal) supporting renowned composer/singer/director the late Ravindra Jain at Ujjain — 15th October, 2008

Below:  Sitar recital with Glen Kniebeiss (tabla) at Cheltenham Church of Christ, Melbourne, Australia — 12th August, 2007

Below:  Sitar/vocal recital with Glen Kniebeiss (tabla)  at Newstead Community Centre, Victoria, Australia — 27th July, 2007

Below:  Sarita performs with the Sophie Raymond Band at Melbourne, Australia — 25th July, 2007

Below and left:  Sitar recital with Glen Kniebeiss (tabla) at Paris Cat nightclub in Melbourne, Australia — 21st June, 2007

Below:  Monash University World Music Orchestra at the International Jazz Festival in Federation Square, Melbourne — 6th May, 2007

Below:  Monash University World Music Orchestra at the International Jazz Festival in Federation Square, Melbourne — 13th May, 2007   

Below:  Monash University Music Auditorium, Australia – sitar recital with tabla artist Glen Kniebeiss — November, 2007

Below:  Kingston Town Hall, Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia – sitar recital for “the hugging saint” of South India Amma (Mother) Amritanandamayi, accompanied on tabla by Amma devotee Anu — 5th April, 2006

Below:  Church of Christ, Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia – sitar recital with Melbourne tabla artist, Tawab — 7th December, 2004

Below:  Melbourne University, Australia — sitar recital as guest artist of the university with Sam Evans (tabla) — 31st August, 2004

Below:  Sarita with Melbourne guitarist/singer/composer Sophie Raymond at Wheelers Hill, Vic, Australia — 4th August, 2004

Below left:  Sarita sings with her father, Hira Singh BorliyaMarch — 2004, at Ujjain, India, during the Kumbha Mela Festival

Below right:  Sarita’s sitar recital with Bal Mukund Rao (tabla) at Konak Nagar Housing Society, Pune, India — August, 2003