Gallery 1

The flame of purification

Below:  The late Dabral Baba’s temple on the banks of Shipra River at Ujjain

Lord Shiva and Parvati — this unique painting by Bhopal artist Ashutosh Panigraha was created by using his hands and fingernails  — there was no brushwork involved at all.  This painting can be seen in the background of some photographs taken at Sarita’s home in Ujjain. 

Above:  Sarita with award winning Australian singer/songwriter Kate Ceberano after a concert at Monash University,  Melbourne — 2006



Below left:  Sarita relaxing at home in Ujjain with Pt Partha Bose (sitarist) and his wife Smt Esha Bandyopadhyay (classical vocalist)

Below right:  Sarita with Partha Bose tuning up in the Green Room for the Ujjain concert



Below:  Sarita on tanpura supporting classical vocalist Smt Esha Bandyopadhyay at the Ujjain concert



Below:  Pundit Partha Bose performing on sitar at the Ujjain concert



Below:  Sarita’s son, Vyasa, enjoying himself on-stage following the Ujjain concert




Left:  Sarita and her son, Vyasa, with a friend at the Navratri Festival in Ujjain — September 2009

Below:  Some of the dancers preparing at the Navratri Festival


  Dancers at the Navratri Festival in Ujjain



Below left:  Sarita welcomes friends Derek, Jane, Laura and Tom Ross, who were visiting India from Tasmania, Australia — 2009

Right:  Sarita’s father, Hira Singh Borliya, treats the Ross family to a cup of chai at Naag Ziri in Ujjain



Below left:  The Ross family arrive for a special function at Dabral Baba’s temple on the banks of Shipra River — 2009

Right:  The heat is on and the ceremony begins at Baba’s temple — Dabral Baba is seated on the left


Below left:  Sarita stands beside the giant statue of Baba Khan at the Bhopal Ustad Allauddin Khan Sangeet Academy

Right:  Sarita and her son, Vyasa, arrive at the former Maihar gurukul of Baba Khan


Below:  A friendly family cricket match inside the compound of Baba Khan’s former gurukul at Maihar



Below left:  Vyasa and the caretaker family rabbit

Below right:  Sarita enjoying a joke with Amma, who stayed at the former Maihar gurukul when Baba Khan lived there



Below left:
Sarita arriving at the
Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory for a rehearsal

Below right:
Sarita chatting with the Director of
Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, Mariano Abello



Below left:
Sarita rehearsing with the jazz musicians at the
Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory

Below right:
Sarita chats with visiting American jazz guitarist Eric
Slaughter prior to their Kathmandu concert



Below left:  Sarita participates in Saraswati (goddess of music) Puja
Day, with her spiritual Guru, the late Dabral Baba,  at Baba’s temple on the
banks of the Shipra River in Ujjain, India

Right:  Sarita
enjoys dance lessons at her residence with
renowned Indian classical dance master Pundit Hira Lal Johari of Ujjain



Below:  Sarita performing with visiting USA jazz musicians Eric
Slaughter (guitar) and Nick Jost (bass guitar) plus the Director of
Kathmandu Jazz Conservatory, Mariano Abello (flute,  saxophone) and
Navaraj Gurung (tabla) at a concert in Kathmandu, Nepal — May, 2009



Below left:  Sarita garlands renowned Indian classical vocalist Pundit Ramakant
Dubey on Guru Purnima Day

Right:  Sarita enjoys a lunch break during research for her PhD at the former Maihar gurukul of Baba Allauddin Khan



Below left:  India’s beloved classical music vocalist Girija Devi on stage at the Kalidas Academy recital in Ujjain

Right:  Girija Devi chatting with Sarita’s son, Vyasa, in the Green Room prior to her recital



Below left:  Girija Devi with her  daughter (left) and student (near right) visited Sarita’s home in Ujjain.  In this picture, Sarita’s father, Hira Singh Borliya is singing a folk song to Girija Devi

Right:  Sarita and Girija Devi sharing a joke in the car before departing



Below left:  Sarita assists on tanpura at the performance of her Indian classical vocals guru, Srimati Girija Devi, during the Kalidas Festival at Ujjain in 2009

Right:  Sarita
congratulates her father, Hira Singh Borliya, on his winning performance
at a charitable TV production conducted at Indore, India, by the
Mumbai-based program Junun Saat Suron Ka, with benefits going towards funding the Cancer Research Foundation – September, 2009



Below: Sarita receives Prasad and blessings plus a special hug from  “the hugging saint” of South India,  Amma (Mother) Amritanandamayi



Below left: Sitar lessons in Melbourne, Australia — October, 2007

Right: Jamming with friends, Glen, Denis and Nishad in Melbourne, Australia — November, 2007