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The flame of purification

Below: The late Dabral Baba’s temple on the banks of Shipra River at Ujjain

Lord Shiva and Parvati — this unique painting by Bhopal artist Ashutosh Panigraha was created by using his hands and fingernails — there was no brushwork involved at all. This painting can be seen in the background of some photographs taken at Sarita’s home in Ujjain.

Below: Sarita with award winning Australian singer/songwriter Kate Ceberano after a concert at Monash University, Melbourne — 2006

Below left: Sarita relaxing at home in Ujjain with Pt Partha Bose (sitarist) and his wife Smt Esha Bandyopadhyay (classical vocalist)

Below right: Sarita with Partha Bose tuning up in the Green Room for the Ujjain concert

Below: Sarita on tanpura supporting classical vocalist Smt Esha Bandyopadhyay at the Ujjain concert

Above: Pundit Partha Bose performing on sitar at the Ujjain concert

Above: Sarita’s son, Vyasa, enjoying himself on-stage following the Ujjain concert

Left: Sarita and her son, Vyasa, with a friend at the Navratri Festival in Ujjain — September 2009
Right: Some of the dancers preparing at the Navratri Festival